Induction Cooking – The Future of your Commercial Kitchen

Until now gas has outperformed all electric cooking range. Restaurateurs have always thought of gas cooking as a safe option and never actually looked beyond this traditional cooking method, but the thing about technology is that it never ceases to amaze you. Induction is the first cooking technology that offers all benefits of cooking with gas, with none of the drawbacks. Yes! who better than a commercial kitchen equipment supplier would know about the drawbacks of cooking with a gas range? they are the ones who have to face the brunt of hundreds of restaurateurs.

Let’s have a look at the pros of Induction Cooking:

Fast Preparation: Have you ever seen a pot boil so quickly in a traditional gas commercial cooking range? In induction cooking, the metal of the pot becomes the heating agent instead of the medium. This ensures that the heat directly reaches your food and save your precious cooking time.

Clean Cooking: Grease patches on the preparation table of a five-star hotel is definitely not a pretty sight. Induction cooking ensures that your kitchen remains spick-and-span even after 10 hours of cooking. (your commercial kitchen equipment supplier with also breathe a sigh of relief after reading this feature of induction cooking equipment.)

Cost-efficient: Gas prices are increasing every day and, indirectly, this has resulted in the increase of the expense of almost every commercial food joint. So why not reduce the expense by using an alternate source of power and a commercial cooking range that is comparatively cheaper and more effective than gas. These compact cooking ranges also fit within your commercial kitchen plan.

Investment Recovery: Induction cooking helps you recover your investment within 2-3 years and gain you profits that you had set out to achieve while chalking out a commercial kitchen plan

Eco-friendly: In wake of recent events that have led to serious damage to our planet, induction equipment manufacturers take extra effort in ensuring that their products are equipped with a good exhaust system with zero carbon emission technology.

It’s Cool: It stops heating as soon as the induction vessel is moved from the cooktop… thus preventing your employees from getting injured in the kitchen.

That being said, gas cooking is never really a bad option and it’s up to you to decide what is best for you commercial kitchen.

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